Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Awards 

An inspiring mix of humanitarians, world medal holders, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and climate activists were among the ten outstanding young people recognised for their achievements at the TOYP Awards last week.

The TOYP Awards have been running now for 87 years, and are a global initiative of Junior Chamber International (JCI), which recognises young people who are making giant strides in their chosen fields and creating positive impact on other people, their community and society at large.

All winners were under the age of 40, with some still in secondary school. Winners will go on to enter the TOYP World Awards, with World winners flown to Estonia and honoured during the 2019 JCI World Congress.

Lorraine Greene, Head of Market Engagement at TOYP Award sponsor AIB said: “It is AIB’s pleasure to be supporting such an inspirational event – the TOYP Awards are truly something special.”

Caradh O’Donovan, 34 year old athlete

Caradh O’Donovan is a former World and European Champion Kickboxer and a current Champion Karateka. However, Caradh’s successful athletic career almost came to an end when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a debilitating incurable disease, in 2014. Caradh tackled her disease head on, and managed to successfully overcome the challenges that living with this disease brought going on to earn multiple World Cup titles.

Her experience as an elite athlete and her journey to overcoming a debilitating disease has fuelled her passion to work as a motivational speaker. An accomplished TEDx speaker, she combines her speaking events with mentoring roles.